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FROM TRADITIONAL TO ADVANCED A new era of technology and technological development takes you from the traditional business world to the vast, fast world READ ARTICLE CIVILIZATION TO DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Poor countries deserve more work and effort from us to raise the level of technological progress to keep pace with what is happening with the world and create opportunities. READ ARTICLE FAMBO TICKETS FOR TRAVEL SERVICES We built an integrated electronic platform for tourism and travel services and free virtual tours. Fampo for travel and tourism reservations LEARN MORE POPULAR OUR HUMANITY MADE OUR THOUGHTS Sharing with others our idea and a humanitarian project for community service to exchange material needs for free through an electronic platform VISIT WEBSITE

Out of our keenness in Smart Services for electronic transactions to contribute to the economy of the United Arab Emirates and to open
Broader opportunities for cooperation and trade exchange and willingness to contribute to hosting the Dubai Expo. We designed an electronic platform.
An integrated service for the tourism and travel sector at the local and global level in order to enable tourists to complete airline ticket reservations
And hotel room reservations, car rental, and the search for various tourism programs commensurate with their personal preferences
We offer a variety of services with the ability to choose the appropriate companies, prices and services required, including the site and application of FAMBO Technology
Smart and advanced that supports entrepreneurs wishing to launch their projects in the tourism sector electronically to reach the world and expand it
Customer base and facilitate the process of project management from anywhere and reduce the proportion of expenses we have dedicated to the site and application of FAMBO Tools
Enable entrepreneurs to offer their services and the possibility of managing them completely, such as managing the services file, details and communicating with
Clients, financial account management, and support services such as marketing, excellence, evaluation, development, and monitoring the performance of company employees
Out of our keenness in Smart Services for electronic transactions to contribute to the economy of the United Arab Emirates and to open
Broader opportunities for cooperation and trade exchange and willingness to contribute to hosting the Dubai Expo.

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Out of our keenness in Smart Service for electronic transactions to provide social and environmental contributions, we launched this project Environmental humanitarian, which aims to achieve long-term, big strategic goals. We aim through this project to create Positive social changes for individuals by providing an advanced electronic platform for communities and individuals that motivates them to participate. Food, services, and cooperation between them in a simple electronic form, with the aim of dealing with global problems such as food waste Famine, poverty and death due to hunger and related diseases, and contribute to saving the spending of charitable organizations and governments. Billions of dollars in solving these problems and finding practical solutions to contribute to protecting the environment, especially with regard to the transfer of Forests for agricultural lands to feed more people, which means destroying the environment, causing negative climate changes, and exposing more Living organisms that colonize forests are at risk of extinction Some of these organisms are important for the survival of other organisms and complete Life cycle, we aim to reduce that and with the participation of all we all contribute to protecting our future and protecting the planet
Out of our keenness in Smart Service for electronic transactions to provide social and environmental contributions, we launched this project

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Item 3 Smart Services Portal L.LC The company was established in the year 2019 with the activity of a complex for electronic transactions, which aims to establish and develop smart and electronic websites and applications To bring together service providers and service seekers in multiple fields through smart and advanced platforms that contribute to facilitating Experience of research, exploration, communication and online shopping, and in the year 2019, the company was registered as a certified and trusted trademark From the Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates, and in the year 2020, the company joined the Mohammed Bin Rashid Enterprise Development Foundation Small and medium to complete the journey of construction and development Learn more Item 4 Virtual Tours Based on our keenness in Smart Service for electronic dealings to find practical solutions, innovation and development in the tourism sector And to travel and to follow global trends and future developments, we have launched the Virtual Tours project, which seeks to provide alternatives An operation for tourism and travel in conjunction with the suspension of the movement of tourism and travel due to the Corona virus and in conjunction with the complexities of tourism And travel, we believe that virtual tours constitute a safe, fast and cheap experience, especially for businessmen to visit exhibitions. And conferences also open virtual tours for low-income people, whose population in the world is approximately 2 One billion people have the possibility of virtual roaming in other countries without the costs of airline tickets and hotel reservations, and that opens up markets And new opportunities Visit the project website
EXPLORE OUR PROJECTS There are many projects that we have worked on as part of the foundation

Fast and easy access to services Through smart applications, you can access our services in simple steps Our applications on Google Store Integrated electronic platforms We provide our services through multi-purpose electronic platforms for various services Connect us

Slide UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY Unconventional business Things do not go in their usual, traditional way, but rather are creative ideas and unconventional actions that aim to stimulate markets and speed up access to the user Studied plan Preparing the plan is no less important than implementing the plan itself and following its stages step by step and studying the steps and potential problems to avoid not disrupting the plan Analysis of the results Reflecting on the results of any project and the science of numbers raises some questions that revolve around how to improve results, speed up business, etc.


Digital transformation, community services, tourism and travel

Smart Services Portal L.L.C was established as a limited liability company in the United Arab Emirates in 2019

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